Power To The People

Music Video

Storyboard Artist, Camera Second-Unit, Set Dresser

For Amnesty International, Artist: DJ Emjay & Atari Babies. DoP: Esra Reverda. Art Direction: Valentine Kreykamp, Production: Traffic Ctrl.

Music Video (Tour Anthem) of John Lennon cover ‘Power To The People’ by DJ Emjay commissioned by Amnesty International for their ‘Make Some Noise’ campaign.

Amnesty International conducted a campaign against racism in which music covers of well-known artists such as John Lennon were launched by new artists. Boris Claassen worked on the Pre Production as the storyboard artist and did filmwork and set dressing. The entire production has been volunteered, performed and produced for Amnesty International. The concept was ‘violent’ fighting with pillows.

Amnesty International

  • Storyboard artist
  • Camera (second-unit)
  • Set dressing