Schoon Genoeg (Well Done)

Short Film

Producer, Sound Design, Audio Mastering, Set Assist

Brokx Media, Video Concepts, Boris Claassen Creative Media, Keyframe Productions

Short film made for the film contest 48 Hour Film Project Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The 48 Hour Film Project is a competition for filmmakers in which teams get a required genre, character, prob and a required sentence. Within 48 hours, those elements are processed into a short movie. In the week after that, the films will be screened in the city where they were created and reviewed by spectators and a professional jury. For filmmakers, this is an excellent opportunity to learn to handle high workload and to create something beautiful in a short period of time.

Behind The Scenes
48 Hour Film Project
Video Concepts

Schoon Genoeg (Well Done), a short film made by team Exception 48 Hour Film Project Rotterdam 2016.

Genre: Dark Comedy
Nominated for:
Best Music
Best Use of Line (the required sentence)
3rd place at group price for group C
(More votes than 2 of the Best Film nominees)